All the music on this page was created using a fairly modest home setup of an Asus EeePC 904 HA netbook with 2 gigs of RAM, Cakewalk Music Creator 4, a bunch of free VSTi instruments downloaded from the internet, and an M-Audio Keyboard Controller purchased at Best Buy.


The song "Tick Tock" was created on my iPod Touch using Xewton Music Studio.


"Cosmic Dream" was created on my iPod Touch using NanoStudio

Honky Tonk Times

<a href="">Honky Tonk Times by Pierre Fontaine</a>

A Peaceful Night

<a href="">A Peaceful Night by Pierre Fontaine</a>

Days Long Ago

<a href="">Days Long Ago by Pierre Fontaine</a>

Garbage Man In The Rain

<a href="">Garbage Man In The Rain by Pierre Fontaine</a>

Tick Tock

<a href="">Tick Tock by Pierre Fontaine</a>

Cosmic Dream