Nintendo DSi and Art Academy game Nintendo DSi and Art Academy game My Parent's Home This was my first complete painting done in Art Academy on my Nintendo DSi. 93689509 Me, happy Self portrait from a photo taken on a hot summer day. 93689513 Ground cover exercise This was taken from a painting book I own. I wanted to see how easy it was to recreate one of the exercises on the DSi. 93689511 Landscape Another attempt to recreate a painting found in a book I own. I find the key to "Art Academy" is to use a lot of dry brushing to blend all the colors together in a painterly fashion. 100405584 Canyon This was created using the homebrew app called "Colors". I can't say I've really mastered "Colors", despite its simplicity. I've seen paintings that are incredibly subtle while mine tend to be almost graphic. 100405972 Live sketch This sketch was done of a nurse taking a break at a hospital waiting room, created using "Colors" on an Nintendo DS. 100405973 Bug Ship This was created with the newest (and possibly last) version of Colors for the DS. A couple of great features have been added, such as a new "natural" brush and the ability to have Colors re-render your painting to a higher resolution. 118463360